PetzschWork | Leipzig

Modern ensemble for working and living

The site is centrally located to the north-east of Leipzig city centre and is enclosed by Wittenberger Straße and Dessauer Straße.

In addition to the refurbishment of the existing buildings, the development of additional new buildings is planned, so that overall space for modern commercial use will be created.
The immediate vicinity of the building ensemble offers a lively mix of commercial and residential uses, complemented by restaurants and offers for local supply and recreation as well as good transport connections with short distances.

At the PetzschWork we rely almost exclusively on renewable energies so that the use of fossil fuels can be almost completely avoided. The combination of 100 geothermal probes
with brine and air heat pumps and a photovoltaic system with an area of around 2,100 m² supply the building complex with electricity, heat and cooling.

Facts and figures

Plot: 11,968 m²
Gross floor area: approx. 30.200 m² (commercial)
Project status: In planning


Lage Objekt

Zerbster Straße 6
Wittenberger Straße 8, 10, 10a
Dessauer Straße 7, 9 + 9a
04129 Leipzig