Socially and sustainably committed - Gröner Group

Detached from our core business, it is important for us as a company to assume responsibility at our individual locations and to sustainably support social as well as cultural projects. Our commitment in the social sector is an integral part of our corporate philosophy. Gröner Group AG focuses on projects throughout Germany that make an important contribution to socially disadvantaged people. We want to act as a role model and motivate other companies to do good together with us. A selection of the projects, organizations and associations we support can be found here:

Wirtschaft kann Kinder e.V. (WKK)

What a child can experience, what it can dream about and who it can be is all too often decided by the parents’ wallets. Wirtschaft kann Kinder e.V. wants to change that. As an umbrella organization, it supports foundations, associations and non-profit organizations in Germany that are committed to helping socially disadvantaged children and young people. The association’s main goal is to promote equal opportunities for all children in Germany, regardless of where or how they grow up. In doing so, the association does not focus on a specific topic, but promotes various areas – from education to health to leisure – in relation to children, and does so nationwide. Wirtschaft kann Kinder e.V. was founded in February 2020 by board members Christoph Gröner and Rüdiger Grube and other personalities from the worlds of business, law and medicine. The association’s main donor is Gröner Group AG, whose willingness to donate has made a major contribution to the proud donation total of almost 1.5 million euros in 2020.