Our vision

The Gröner Group is committed to advancing Christoph Gröner’s vision of a digital reorganisation of the construction and property industry. The emphasis is on using environmental and technological innovations to create sustainable and affordable housing and living spaces. To this end, our company group follows overriding principles of sustainability and promotes the use of green technology. Through its subsidiary CG Elementum, the Gröner Group has access to a company-owned service provider for digital and sustainable construction. CG Elementum offers the whole spectrum of services for internal and external project developments in new construction, conversions and the renovation of old and listed buildings.

As an internal service provider, CG Elementum is our company group’s flagship entity. It follows principles of sustainability and is committed to forging ahead with the digitalisation of planning and construction processes that harness BIM and its sister field of prefabrication to create both affordable and unique architecture with the end goal of achieving a carbon neutral footprint. For this, all green technology concepts are checked to see if they can be applied to new construction projects. In addition, CG Elementum also draws on many years of experience and outstanding expertise in urban development as well as in conversions, revitalisation and the renovation of old and listed buildings.

CG Elementum services help shape the development of new construction projects at CG Property, with a focus on digital planning and construction. Meanwhile, at CG Capital, CG Elementum supports project developments in the areas of renovation, revitalisation and conversion. Alongside its involvement in the company’s own developments, CG Elementum also acts on behalf of external third parties.

We relish a challenge and offer outstanding solutions

The building industry is up against some fundamental challenges, including a scarcity of affordable living space, the acute shortage of skilled labour, innovation gridlock in planning and construction, and the need to reduce carbon emissions in order to protect the climate. We offer outstanding solutions and embrace our social responsibility.

1. Environmental/social responsibility

Reduction in carbon emissions
in the interests of climate protection

Construction debris
and recycling

Use of healthy construction materials
and resources in Europe

Insufficient provision
of affordable living space

2. Resources/productivity/innovation

Shortage of young talent;
movement of skilled labour and early retirement

Low productivity

Low technical integration
of planning and construction

Complex traditional business models
with high financing needs

What motivates us

We believe a radical shift is needed – from a traditional resource-consuming approach to a sustainable strategy for resource-conserving project developments that align economic, environmental and social interests.

Our approach

By establishing a digital end-to-end process chain, we demonstrate our commitment to a design-to-construction approach. We also focus on the revitalisation and conversion of existing building stock, combined with technological improvements and environmental innovation.


The company group’s management team

Christoph Gröner
Managing Director of Gröner Group GmbH
CEO of CG Elementum AG

Christoph Gröner is responsible for strategy, acquisition and development. With more than 25 years of management experience and vast expertise in property development, he is the company group’s visionary. His skills encompass both the expert renovation of old buildings and the development of new buildings full of technological and environmental innovation. Christoph Gröner’s career started with CG Gruppe AG, which specialised in urban development.

Frank Gröner
Managing Director of Gröner Group GmbH

Frank Gröner is the Managing Director of the Gröner Group and Gröner Family Office. He has more than 30 years of management experience in engineering and the property sector and has been a member of the Executive Board at CG Gruppe AG for ten years. His core competencies are administration, controlling, HR and company organisation.

Ulf Graichen
Managing Director of Gröner Group GmbH
CDO (Board of Directors) of CG Elementum AG

Ulf Graichen is responsible for project development and construction at CG Elementum AG. He is also an Authorised Officer for the Gröner Group and Manager of Central German Locations. He began his career in 2008 with CG Gruppe AG, and has since acquired particular expertise in developing and renovating older buildings and former factory areas and commercial sites as well as redesigning urban residential quarters. Since 2015, he has been responsible for our Leipzig and Erfurt locations and, as of 2020, for our Dresden location as well.

Company structure