Anna Quartier | Karlsfeld

Varied quarter on the outskirts of Munich

Located on the north-western edge of the city, Karlsfeld is one of Munich’s most popular residential suburbs. Along Münchner Straße, the multifaceted Anna Quartier is being created, of which we are successively developing different sections: Anna Life and the Anna Tower comprise modern office, retail, commercial and restaurant space as well as subsidised housing units and privately financed micro-apartments. The Anna Lab offers our clever mix of uses OSP “Office, Storage, Production” on the one hand, and gastronomy, commercial and office space on the other.

The energy supply for the quarter is to come largely from environmental heat sources. For this purpose, we plan to use groundwater in an environmentally friendly way. The groundwater in the quarter will be pumped into the energy centre via extraction wells. Heat pumps use the energy of the water before it is returned to the ground via injection wells. The well water can be used to heat the buildings in an environmentally friendly way and to cool them passively. Photovoltaic systems on the roofs generate green electricity for the heat pumps and round off the climate-friendly energy concept.


Data and Facts

Nibelungenstrasse, 85757 Karlsfeld

Object Type

Urban development


(Sale) Forward


Residential & Commercial: approx. 48.700 m2
Residential Units: approx. 79
Parking: approx. 700

Project volume


approx. 2027


In planning

Lage Objekt


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