20. April 2022

Ronald Pofalla expands the management of the Gröner Group

The Berlin-based Gröner Group is strengthening its management team with Ronald Pofalla as of May 1, 2022. Mr. Pofalla was appointed Managing Director by the company's shareholders.

Ronald Pofalla, 62, erweitert Geschäftsführung der Gröner Group

The 62-year-old most recently served as Board Member for Infrastructure at Deutsche Bahn AG, Germany’s largest green energy company, with a focus on sustainability, energy and digitization. From 2009 to 2013, he was Federal Minister for Special Tasks and Head of the Federal Chancellery.

Ronald Pofalla brings high expertise in the field of digital construction with BIM to the group of companies and will contribute to the further development of the Gröner Group with his experience in a corporate management consistently oriented towards CO2 neutrality. Together with the current managing directors Christoph Gröner and Lars Schnidrig, Ronald Pofalla will drive the transformation of the company into a stock corporation.

Christoph Gröner, founder and managing director of the Gröner Group, said on the sidelines of the shareholders’ meeting: “To win Ronald Pofalla for the future of the Gröner Group makes me enormously happy. This shows: Our chosen course towards energy efficiency, digitalization and CO2 neutrality is the right one. With the current personnel decisions, we are also paving the way for the transformation of the Gröner Group into a stock corporation in the fall of this year with the goal of being ready for the capital market. The recognizable focus on the energy sector in our boards also underscores where the striking challenges for the company are emerging and that we are ready to face them even more actively than before.” Christoph Gröner underscores his connection to Ronald Pofalla: “I have known Mr. Pofalla personally since the spring of 2018, and since day one I have been impressed by his expertise and the depth of detail with which he has filled his position at Deutsche Bahn.”

In a statement, Ronald Pofalla said, “I am delighted to have the opportunity to contribute my experience to Germany’s most dynamic real estate project developer and to play an active role in shaping the company’s future path at a key position. Developing neighborhoods with a strong focus on sustainability and digitalization is an exciting task that I am very happy to take on together with a dedicated team. The core concern of the Gröner Group – CO2-saving construction and CO2-neutral building management – will make a decisive contribution to developing exemplary concepts for Germany and Central Europe and substantially advancing our society on the path to climate neutrality.”

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