28. September 2023

Gröner Group AG: New foundation of ecobuilding AG

• Gröner Group AG founds sister company ecobuilding AG
• From digitalisation to prefabrication: sustainability is the most important goal and driving force for the measures of ecobuilding AG
• ecobuilding AG is made up of four divisions: ecosolution, ecoprefab, ecomanagment and ecoenergy.
• First project: two precast plants with an investment volume of over 90 million euros each

The nationwide company Gröner Group AG, which specialises in digitalised and sustainable building, has founded a sister company, ecobuidling AG, with Christoph Gröner (CEO) and Ronald Pofalla (COO) as its board members.

The competences of Gröner Group AG in the areas of energy management, Building Information Modelling (BIM) and serial prefabrication of building components, also known as prefabrication, which are specifically geared towards sustainability, have been logically transferred to ecobuilding AG in terms of business management. “In order to be able to offer our expertise in innovation and sustainability on the market in an even more targeted manner under the given conditions, we decided to establish our own ecobuilding AG in July 2023,” says company founder and CEO Christoph Gröner, adding: “With its clear company structure, ecobuilding AG offers potential financing banks, partners and investors attractive offers and optimal financing and investment opportunities.”

The first project under the ecobuilding AG umbrella is the realisation of two prefabrication plants, called EMC 2.0, which are to be built in 2024 and 2025 in North Rhine-Westphalia in Nörvenich and in Saxony in Thierbach, each with an investment volume of more than 90 million euros. The excellent infrastructure of the site in Thierbach, for example, with motorway and rail connections, offers a logistical range of up to 350 kilometres. The geographical location is important because the cost and environmental advantages are thus not cancelled out by a long transport of the parts.

In the future, a wide range of components with a large vertical range of manufacture for residential and commercial construction will be produced at both locations. Through an efficient combination of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and prefabrication, construction becomes at least one tenth cheaper compared to conventional construction methods and takes only half the time. ecobuilding AG thus generates a market demand that utilises the two modern plants beyond its own needs.

Board member and COO of Gröner Group AG and ecobuilding AG Ronald Pofalla emphasises: “Climate change, scarce raw materials and a shortage of skilled workers mean that we have to achieve more with less in the construction and real estate industry. That is why we are focusing on digitalisation, prefabrication and sustainable energy management in order to save resources. This is where we are leading the way with ecobuilding AG.”

The newly founded ecobuilding AG is divided into four superordinate divisions which, together with their specialised subsidiaries, make the creation of sustainable real estate, ecobuildings, possible: from planning (ecosolution) to production (ecoprefab) and coordination (ecomanagement) to operation (ecoenergy).


Digital technologies form the necessary basis for a sustainable construction and real estate industry. This is especially true for the circular construction industry, which ecobuilding AG consistently strives for. ecosolution GmbH consists of the architecture start-up REHUB digitale Planer GmbH and the software start-up REHUB FORGE, both of which are driving the digital transformation of architectural planning in a process-oriented manner. BIM is used to create buildings and neighbourhoods in virtual space. This reliable data basis over the entire life cycle of a building leads to precision in construction and decades later it is still possible to determine which material was used where and in what quantities.


Another division of ecobuilding AG is ecoprefab GmbH, under which prefab nrw GmbH & Co. KG and prefab sax GmbH & Co. KG as companies of the two newly emerging precast plants EMC 2.0 in North Rhine-Westphalia and Saxony.


ecomanagement GmbH acts as an interface between the other three divisions of ecobuilding AG. As such, it organises, coordinates and monitors all procedures within the building projects to ensure smooth processes. It consists of ecoplan GmbH and prebuild GmbH.


The long-term environmentally friendly and economical energy supply with renewable energies is a technical challenge and requires an overarching, new way of thinking and acting. This is where ecobuilding AG comes in with its corporate division ecoenergy GmbH, under which tec2green GmbH and energy2green GmbH are organised: with affordable and sustainable energy concepts for individual residential buildings and office buildings or entire neighbourhoods. This is achieved by planning each neighbourhood with an individual energy concept and putting it to the test economically. The aim is always to achieve CO2-neutral operation of the neighbourhoods through the use of various innovative technologies for renewable energy.

About the Gröner Group AG

Die Gröner Group AG setzt mit der Planung und dem Bau von ecobuildings, einer neuen Art von Quartieren, Maßstäbe in der Immobilienwirtschaft. Nachhaltigkeit, hochwertige Architektur, bezahlbarer Wohnraum und die Anforderungen Gröner Group AG sets standards in the real estate industry with the planning and construction of ecobuildings, a new type of neighbourhood. Sustainability, high-quality architecture, affordable living space and the user’s requirements for custom-fit functionality are equally at the focus of the group of companies. The aim of ecobuildings is to reduce CO2 emissions by up to 80 per cent and to achieve almost CO2-neutral operation.

Gröner Group AG realises more than 80 projects throughout Germany with a total development volume of more than 6 billion euros. A total of nine branches and around 600 employees belong to the group of companies, whose headquarters are located in Berlin. For further information, please visit www.ecobuilding.de.


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