22. March 2024

Gröner Group AG presents forward-looking business model for a sustainable construction and real estate industry

• Newly founded ecobuilding AG sets course for operating business
• Cooperation with RheinEnergie AG drives forward flagship project Cologneo Campus
• First successful talks with investors have taken place

Gröner Group AG, a company specializing in digital and sustainable planning and construction, is presenting its innovative business model for economically successful and sustainable neighbourhood developments in Berlin. The focus is on the newly founded sister company ecobuilding AG, which has already achieved initial success with its companies following the start-up phase. Among other things, funding has been approved for ecosolution GmbH’s innovation projects and ecoenergy GmbH has entered into a forward-looking cooperation with the nationwide energy service provider RheinEnergie AG.  

Christoph Gröner, CEO der Gröner Group AG, erklärt: „In einer wirtschaftlich herausfordernden Zeit ist es uns gelungen, Christoph Gröner, CEO of Gröner Group AG, explains: “In economically challenging times, we have succeeded in going on the offensive and transferring our innovation divisions to ecobuilding AG. The initial successes show that we offer unique investment opportunities as a result. Digital technologies and innovations in the areas of BIM (Building Information Modeling) and energy management form the necessary basis for a sustainable construction and real estate industry.”

Günther H. Oettinger, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Gröner Group AG, agrees: “Ecological, digital and technological developments are shaping the transformation in the real estate sector. Gröner Group AG is facing up to the corresponding regulatory measures at European and national level and presented its corporate strategy for a successful future at the Future Forum.”

“Particularly with regard to European regulation, it is clear that sustainable building must be about moving forward in a structured and collaborative manner,” added guest speaker Dr. Christine Lemaitre, Managing Director of the DGNB e.V. (German Sustainable Building Council), adding: “Without systematic action, the necessary transformation will not succeed.”

The four divisions of ecobuilding AG (ecosolution GmbH, ecoprefab GmbH, ecomanagement GmbH and ecoenergy GmbH) cover the entire value chain of digital and sustainable construction. 

“Each quarter is planned with an individual energy concept, a kind of energy fingerprint,” says Ronald Pofalla, COO of Gröner Group AG.

ecosolution GmbH, which specializes in digital architectural planning, was able to generate funding through one of its two subsidiaries REHUB digitale Planer GmbH and REHUB FORGE GmbH, which includes a federal research grant for the development of AI-supported software for feasibility studies in the urban planning and building sector. ecoprefab GmbH is planning the construction of two state-of-the-art precast plants in Nörvenich in North Rhine-Westphalia and Thierbach in Saxony, each with an investment volume of 97 million euros. And ecoenergy GmbH has entered into a long-term partnership with RheinEnergie AG. The aim of this cooperation is to ensure a secure, sustainable supply and virtually climate-neutral operation of the Cologneo Campus district in Cologne, thereby creating a showcase project.   

“With its individual energy designs, the Gröner Group is pursuing one of the most innovative overall conceptual approaches for a CO2-neutral energy supply for neighborhoods in Germany. We are looking forward to joining forces – also with a view to a climate-neutral future,” says Emil Issagholian, Head of Energy Services Sales at RheinEnergie AG.

RheinEnergie AG, ecobuilding AG and Gröner Group AG intend to cooperate on further projects throughout Germany, such as the GREENVILLE in Karlsruhe and the OTTO Quarter in Wendlingen.

Christoph Gröner and Ronald Pofalla announce that the first successful talks with investors have taken place in Germany and Asia. In Germany, the company manages funds that focus on medium-sized companies and their growth. In Asia, initial talks with investors have been held, documented in an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding), which also secures a considerable amount of growth financing. 

With ecobuilding AG and its various measures, the Gröner Group AG is taking decisive steps to ensure the sustainable planning, construction and operation of real estate.

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