14. December 2023

Gröner Group AG quarterly report: operationally well positioned

• Gröner Group AG reports positive results for the fourth quarter of 2023
• New foundation of ecobuilding AG despite the challenges on the market
• Gröner Group AG continues undiminished focus on sustainability in its projects

Gröner Group AG, the nationwide company specialising in sustainable construction, presents a positive quarterly report for the fourth quarter of 2023.

Despite the adverse circumstances, Gröner Group AG managed to close 2023 on a positive note. The Group believes it is also well positioned for the coming year 2024 and has thus laid the foundations for the continuation of a successful 30-year company history.

Gröner Group AG’s unique selling point is its decade-long focus on ecological principles in both construction and management. Gröner Group AG is the first company in Germany to save 50% CO2 during the construction of projects. When managing neighbourhoods, Gröner Group AG guarantees CO2-neutral operation.

With this ecobuilding product – which saves up to 80 per cent CO2 – Gröner Group AG is setting standards in terms of innovation. The Group is driving the digital and sustainable transformation of the property sector in compliance with ESG standards.

The development within the company is documented by the fact that the topics of digitalisation, prefabrication, CO2-reduced construction and climate-neutral management have been given an independent structure with ecobuilding AG. This structure will not only enable the company to realise its own projects, but ecobuilding AG will also be able to act as a service provider in future. The companies have already been founded and the structure created. From 1 January 2024, around 80 employees will work at ecobuilding AG.

At the beginning of next year, a contracting agreement for a large ecobuilding neighbourhood with an energy supplier will be concluded in the near future. This shows that the new corporate structure is already being accepted on the market.

The company management is very satisfied with the business development of Gröner Group AG with regard to the existing challenges of the markets and considers itself to be optimally positioned operationally and strategically for 2024.

All building land developments are being successfully advanced:

• Anna Quartier / Munich-Karlsfeld with 56,000 m² GFA is expected to be approved in Q2/2024
• Lia-Living / Augsburg with 55,000 m² GFA, the planning decision is expected in Q2/2024
• Greenville / Karlsruhe with 94,000 m² GFA has been approved, the reallocation process is in full swing
• Löhnberger Mühle / Lahnstein with 60,000 m² GFA, the planning decision has been issued
• Wohnen an der Strunde / Bergisch Gladbach with 68,000 m² GFA is expecting the planning decision in Q2/2024
• Braugold Areal / Erfurt with 27,000 m² GFA has been approved and planning permission is in full swing

Ongoing construction projects:

  • Cologneo Campus MI5 / Cologne with 9,800 m² of office space is currently being completed
  • Cologneo Campus MI4 / Cologne with 13,100 m² of office space and 377 multi-storey car parking spaces: Work will start once planning permission has been granted
  • Dudenstrasse 44 /Mannheim with 18,900 m² of office space: construction will be completed in Q3/2024
  • OTTO-Quartier Bauteile L-N-S / Wendlingen, revitalisation of 16,600 m² of commercial space is currently progressing at full speed.
  • Hofgarten Karree / Karlsruhe with 166 residential units: to be fully completed in Q1/2024
  • Plagwitzer Höfe D17 / Leipzig with 105 residential units: Completion by Q3/2024
  • Bahrenfelder Carrée / Hamburg with 291 residential units: Cancellation of the contract in agreement with the investor. Completion will be carried out by the investor himself
  • Chronicle / Erfurt with 122 residential units: completion of the residential units is in full swing

About the Gröner Group AG

Gröner Group AG is setting standards in the property industry with the development and construction of ecobuildings, a new type of neighbourhood. Sustainability, high-quality architecture, affordable living space and the requirements of users for customised functionality are equally important to the Group. The aim of ecobuildings is to reduce CO2 emissions by up to 80 per cent and ensure that the neighbourhoods are virtually CO2-neutral.

Gröner Group AG is developing and realising over 75 projects across Germany, of which up to ten are currently under construction. With a total development volume of around 5 billion euros, eight branches in Germany and 460 employees in the Gröner Group and 80 employees in ecobuilding AG, the company is one of the leading property companies in Germany and is headquartered in Berlin.

Further information can be found at groener-group.com and ecobuilding.de.


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