Kaiserquartier | Cologne

The Kaiserquartier project development site is located in the Cologne-Porz district at an urban interface. To the north runs the heterogeneously shaped Kaiserstrasse, which forms an east-west connection between the A 59 freeway – with a connection to Cologne-Bonn Airport – and the Porz S-Bahn station. To the north of Kaiserstraße is a residential area consisting of rows of detached multi-family houses. Large-scale retail and commercial areas adjoin the site to the east and south. A depot for e-buses is to be built in the near future on the adjacent brownfield site to the south, which is owned by the Cologne public transport company. To the west of the site to be planned, the railroad line forms an urban planning caesura.

Data and Facts

Kaiserstr. 127, 51145 Cologne

Object Type

Urban development


(Forward) Sale


Commercial: 26,000 m²
Parking spaces: 450

Project volume

140000000 €


by 2025

In Planning

Deutz-Mülheimer Straße 121
51063 Köln

0800 0222 000