28. February 2022

Gröner Group ends cooperation with Gerhard Schröder

Gröner Group has terminated its cooperation with Gerhard Schröder. Mr. Schröder's mandates by Russian companies and companies affiliated with the Russian state, whose business activities contribute extensively to the financing of the Russian state and its military actions, stand in the way of further cooperation with Mr. Schröder.

The Gröner Group thus follows the efforts of the German government and the EU to impede the economic activities of Russia on the territory of the European Union. 

Christoph Gröner thanked him personally for his cooperation: “I make it clear that I continue to value him as a person and would like to refer in particular to his services as Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany.” Former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder had been a consultant for the Group since June 2021 and also supported the charity “Wirtschaft kann Kinder”. 

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