3. October 2021

Gröner Group develops Anna Quartier in Munich-Karlsfeld

In Karlsfeld, on the northwestern outskirts of Munich, the nationwide real estate developer Gröner Group is developing a forward-looking, mixed-use quarter for modern living and working on a site of almost 5 hectares. After part of the site had already been acquired by the Gröner Group in the course of the previous year, the Berlin-based company has now acquired further parts (construction sites 1, 4 and 5) of the new Anna Quartier.

The 47,000 m² site can be reached from the center of Munich in around 20 minutes and is located in an extremely green environment with a view of the Eichinger woods and the Eichinger pond. A development plan for the site already exists. In accordance with its quality criteria, Gröner Group goes far beyond the minimum legal requirements when it comes to ecological standards. In addition to the partially car-free traffic areas, the use of geothermal energy, photovoltaics or air heat pumps is possible after a potential analysis of the site. In addition, cooperation with the nearby combined heat and power plant in terms of district heating is planned and water retention areas will be installed on the roofs. One of the most interesting sustainable energy solutions, which is also being examined for the Anna Quartier, is the use of hydrogen, which brings CO2-free management of buildings within reach. Under the motto “H2-ready”, CG Elementum, as an internal service provider of the Gröner Group, is designing combined heat and power plants in the quarters in such a way that a conversion from natural gas to hydrogen operation is possible in the long term.

Around 26,000 m², or 43 percent of the total floor area of around 62,000 m² being created, is earmarked for residential use. A good 7,900 m² of this is planned for apartments with income-oriented subsidies. In addition, a daycare center, areas for gastronomy, offices, practices, a fitness studio and a hotel are to be built. Retail space is also planned: For example, Lidl, the seller of development site 1, will open a new branch in this attractive location and ensure the supply of the Anna Quartier. The food retailer is leasing the new and modern store on a long-term basis for this purpose.

Gröner Group Managing Director Christoph Gröner: “Developing new neighborhoods with the possibilities of the 21st century inspires great anticipation for the future. We use our broad experience in this segment to bring in meaningful ecological and structural innovations. Buildings are used differently today than they were 15 or 20 years ago and should function sustainably in the long term for the people who live and work there. In the case of Anna Quartier, it is worth highlighting the drive of the Karlsfeld municipality, which is very involved in these future-oriented issues.

The contact person for the Anna Quartier is George Moutoulis, who, in addition to the Gröner Group branch in Stuttgart, has recently also been managing the Munich branch.

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