3. December 2020

E-mobility infrastructure for up to 50% of households at Hofgarten Karree

The Hofgarten Karree project in the Nordweststadt area of Karlsruhe is setting standards, not just in terms of quality and the way it combines modern new builds and renovated listed structures but also for its sophisticated e-mobility solution.

A network of five “power managers” delivers an optimised supply to electric charging points. The intelligent system is able to distribute its resources to best effect, working on the assumption that it is unlikely that all users will want to charge their vehicles at the same time and that their charge states will not all be the same.

A power manager with a total of 16 connecting points can supply up to 150 kW at once. The electric charging points are designed for a charging capacity of 11 kW each. That’s enough to charge a hybrid or cityflitzer (carshare) vehicle in two to three hours. Vehicles are usually charged at night rather than during the day, ensuring sufficient capacity to meet all requirements.

Even though the majority of the apartment owners do not yet own a hybrid or pure electric vehicle, most of the 80 optional charging points have already been secured. The readiness of owners to invest in this technology is clear proof of a different way of thinking and a shift towards a more conscious use of this on-trend technology.

The issue of sustainable mobility will continue to play a key part in projects carried out by GEM Ingenieur GmbH Projektmanagement and its parent company CG Elementum AG going forward. The combined use of different renewable energies to supply infrastructure will ensure eligibility for subsidies from the federal government and the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg and thus reduce costs.

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