1. June 2022

Inflation compensation: Gröner Group and CG Elementum AG increase wages and salaries

The management board of the nationwide operating real estate developer CG Elementum AG as well as the management of the parent company Gröner Group GmbH have decided to compensate for the recent significant increase in the cost of living of the employees. The inflation compensation was initiated by the founder of the group, Christoph Gröner.

Jessica Seja, member of the Management Board of CG Elementum AG responsible for human resources, said: “We are currently experiencing a significant price increase in almost all areas of life and business. The reasons for this are varied and complex, but nevertheless this development affects us all. Alongside the pandemic and a war of aggression in our vicinity, fear of inflation is causing additional uncertainty among many people. We will not leave our employees to cope with this and will play our part in offsetting this inflationary effect. For the management of the Group, this is part of its corporate responsibility.” 

In concrete terms, this means paying a monthly inflation compensation for lower to medium salaries that are affected to a greater extent by inflation. This compensation will correspond to a salary or wage increase of between 4 and 8 percent; in addition, a one-time payment will be made in May. The scale is based on the level of income. Apprentices, dual students and student trainees are also covered by the measures. 

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