10. September 2021

Bleichert works in Leipzig completed

The nationwide active developer of residential and commercial real estate Gröner Group has completed the revitalization of the historic Bleichert Werke in Leipzig's Gohlis district. Users and owners, planners, architects and project participants celebrated this together today with a colorful courtyard party. 

Yard party marks the end of the revitalization

In 2015, 154 modern apartments, 7 commercial units and a daycare center with 90 places were built in several phases.

The former production facilities of the former Adolf Bleichert & Co. Fabrik für Drahtseilbahnen were built between 1881 and 1911 in classic Wilhelminian architecture. After an eventful history, the facilities were shut down in 1989 and the company was liquidated. In the years that followed, the site fell into disrepair and was probably the largest industrial wasteland in Leipzig when planning for a new use began. 

In a planning and discussion process lasting several years as well as in close coordination with the monument protection authorities, the now completed revitalization was developed and carefully implemented. “The guiding principle was respect for this unique testimony to industrial culture – not only in Leipzig and Saxony, but worldwide,” says Ulf Graichen, Managing Director of the Gröner Group, describing the approach to the project, adding: “Bleichert ropeways were used all over the world, for example on the Zugspitze or Table Mountain, and the company was in the meantime the largest manufacturer worldwide. Some of them are still in use today. It quickly became clear that we had to preserve as much of the old substance as possible as a cultural testimony. Finding solutions sometimes required creative approaches.” For example, modern new buildings were completely integrated into the historic masonry structure of the former production halls. The plant’s original bridge crane was also integrated as a striking industrial relic in a light-filled inner courtyard. 

 ”The Bleichert Werke has now become a new neighborhood that meets all the requirements of modern living. At the same time, it is a bridge between the past and the future, because we have already anticipated many current approaches in the field of urban development with our plans. Despite 282 parking spaces, the area is car-free,” says Graichen, who also points out the 10 charging points for electric cars, the number of which can be easily increased as demand increases.

 „Mit der erfolgreich abgeschlossenen Revitalisierung ist ein urbaner Raum entstanden, der von den Menschen a”The successfully completed revitalization has created an urban space that is accepted by the people – not only by those who have newly moved in there, but also by those who have been living around it, some for many years,” Ulf Graichen is convinced.

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