Implementing Impulses Consistently

Sustainability Report 2023

The construction and real estate industry is facing major challenges. The real estate sector is responsible for approx. 30 percent of CO2 emissions in Germany. It is crucial to reduce this number significantly, and the Gröner Group is committed to take on this task. We are rethinking our approach, driving the necessary ecological transformation, and advocating for a new kind of building and urban development. We take responsibility for our employees and we are committed to a sustainable society for generations to come.

In 2023, we published our second Sustainability Report. This follow-up report demonstrates how we execute our sustainability strategy, address future challenges, and consistently implement impulses we’ve set in motion.

We are taking responsibility by building sustainably

“The construction and real-estate industry finds itself at a turning point. This creates major opportunities. We just have to grab them boldly and act with confidence and conviction.“

– Christoph Gröner, CEO der Gröner Group AG

“We need ideas to drive innovation, we need visions to break new ground and we need courage to change the world. At the Gröner Group, we boldly embrace digitalisation, prefabrication, and ecological transformation.“

– Ronald Pofalla, COO der Gröner Group AG

Our Understanding of Sustainability: Ecological. Economic. Digital.

We are taking an innovative approach to transform the construction and real-estate industry. Sustainability forms the foundation of our work, as it is only upon this foundation that we can build our future. Instead of focusing on obstacles, at the Gröner Group we create alternative solutions to bring about a positive change in the world.

Our core business is characterised by ecological and social principles. We are committed to creating living spaces in urban developments that are not only designed to be environmentally friendly but also be operated in a climate-neutral way. To do so, we fully utilise the potential of digitalisation and find answers the current social challenges. We stand for fairness, openness and diversity in our company – for equality and inclusivity in our interaction with one another. We are also actively committed to equal opportunities for children and young people in Germany.

We act responsibly and in a future-oriented manner to ensure our long-term success while simultaneously making a significant contribution to our society.

Implementing impulses consistently for more sustainability. 

The Sustainability Report 2023 highlights nine topics:

four illustrate our sustainability activities with reference to our projects,

five describe our sustainability performance at the corporate level.

Renewable energies

We strive to achieve an emission-free energy supply with renewable energies using technologies individually tailored to each project.

Circular economy

We strive to make a significant contribution to a circular economy and the real estate industry.


We establish a fundamental prerequisite for future construction by reducing costs, time, and material resources through the prefabrication of complex building components.


We actively support and promote the sustainable mobility behaviour of our residents through our urban developments.

Sustainability Goals

Cost saving

Time saving

CO2 reduction*

* compared to conventional construction methods and conventional gas and electricity supply 

Climate-friendly mobility

We actively influence the sustainable mobility behaviour of our employees through diverse mobility concepts.

Climate-neutral company

We want to be climate-neutral in our business operations.

Education and training

We focus on the continuous qualification of our employees and make apprenticeships attractive.


We stand for strong company-wide compliance, in which rule-compliant behavior is a natural expectation for all employees of the Gröner Group.

Social commitment

We are dedicated and committed to social and cultural projects, as it is an integral part of our corporate philosophy, Our efforts in this regard are targeted and long-term.

Implementing Impulses Consistently

Gröner Group has released its second Sustainability Report for the year 2023. The report provides an overview of the company’s sustainability activities, describes its sustainability goals, and aligns them with the overall strategy of the corporate group.

You can access the full Sustainability Report 2023 online as a flipbook for browsing and reading.